new year, new goals

With every new year comes a long list of New Years resolutions that almost never happen. We're here a little late to the party, at almost the end of January, letting you babes know what our goals are for this year. Unlike the typical New Years resolutions, we're trying to keep ours more practical and balanced, focusing on goals that are realistic and attainableinstead of a goal that will fade out after February.

With all of that being said, what are our goals for 2018? To live a healthy, balanced life.I think everyones resolution always has something to do with health, working out, or "finally getting in shape", and although we have had those as our own goals multiple times, we've realized they don't stand the test of time.Sometimes, life happens and you can't work out 5 days a week or you're at a birthday party and there's dessert, you just can't say no to dessert for the rest of your life. This is why we've made the theme of our 2018 goals to be "balanced and healthy", everything in moderation.

A Balanced Life

We always feel like before you can get "healthy" we have to learn the beauty of balance in every aspect of life. Whether it be that you acknowledge it is ok to have a cheat meal or that it's ok to not work out every day, realizing that you're never going to be perfect brings so much freedom into play. It seems nearly impossible for us to have a balanced physical state of mind without focusing on our mental state of mind. We are constantly reminding ourselves of the importance there is for us to be in our Word daily and spending time knowing our Savior, that way we don't go about this "lifestyle change" without viewing it from the lens of our Savior. It's so important for us to take care of our bodies and not allow our stress to run them down but to nourish our body, physically and mentally, so we can stay in the correct state of mind.

A Healthy Life

With a healthy life being a "balanced life", it is not all about eating right and going to the gym 5 days a week. Yes, those things are good and needed but it isn't always what is most important.

Eating.. we always want to eat whats best for us but we're human and lets face it, the goodness of sweets get in our way sometimes or that delicious in-n-out burger and fries. But this is where the "balance"comes into affect. It's okay to treat yourself every once in a while! It allows you to have balance and to never get overly consumed with what you can't have versus focusing on what you can have! Focusing on what is good for you and getting excited over good recipes makes it all that much more fun! And those little treats, you get realllyyy excited for those as well, when they aren't a common thing. It's much more rewarding!

Now for physical health, it's all about getting out. We aren't gym junkies by any means, but what we can encourage you in, is that you can make the best of it with what fits your lifestyle the best! That may be the gym, or it may be a trail run. Whatever it may be, do your best at it and continue to set goals for each day to come. Don't become stagnant in what you are doing, continue to challengeyourself. That is something that is big for us. If one day I ( Joy here! ), do 20min on the stationary bike, I will challenge myself to push further the next day! Even if it something so little as adding 3 extra minutes to your ride, you're still pushing yourself! You got this babes!

We hope you girls stay encouraged through this new year and enjoy the challenges. Continue to keep your focus on what is important. Gods plan is for you to lean on Him for a "healthy life". There is nothing more healthy & rewarding than walking the path that has been created for you and continue to praise God during each season in your life. It doesn't mean it will be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.

We hope you enjoyed!


justeleen rodriguez