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We're all about good eats, coffee, chai tea latte's, & good vibes.
It's definitely safe to say, we spend a good part of our money grabbing coffee + going out to eat, "just to kill time". Granted, yes, we are a little pathetic- but we figured we would take this pastime of ours to show you some of our favorite places to grab coffee + find new ones to show you babes!

We're so excited to announce that this is the beginning of our new series called, "Coffee Crawls with Joy & Justi".

In our new series, we're going to include a checklist that we look for whenever we go to a new coffee spot. This is the mental checklist that we've always made in our heads that determines if a coffee shop is "good" or not- but we're finally taking it from a mental checklist to a physical checklist so we can share it with all of our bff's (you guys).

san diego, ca

The home of the infamous "Coffee + Flowers" that floats around pinterest all of the time.
When we found out that this adorable coffee shop was only about an hour from our home towns, we made a drive down to beautiful San Diego to see what all the hype was about + to take some instagram pictures, if we're being honest!

One of our favorite things here at Joy & Justi are businesses that combine & collaborate with other small business/business owners. It's one of the raddest things to see the collaborations between two completely different companies that end up creating a uniting + unique vibe & a creative atmosphere that your generic coffee shops or stores aren't going to have. Granted, we just thought the Coffee + Flowers sign was cute.. but we didn't realize that they actually sold coffee and flowers!!!

Now, let's go through our checklist & see what we thought about Communal Coffee!


As pathetic as we sound, in our current day & age.. this is a legitimate issue! In our generation, we're always wanting to go to the newest or cutest coffee shop. & We're no different than anyone else + if we're being honest, we will drive the extra 5 miles to go to a place that has cute decor!

Communal Coffee passes our "aesthetically pleasing" checklist with FLYING colors. I don't think there's anything we would change about the vibe or aesthetics of the place but we definitely want to transfer everything about it into our house!


Seating is a big issue with a lot of coffee shops! There are coffee shops that have a great ambience + great drinks but they don't have any seating! It's definitely hard when you go into a coffee shop with the intention of studying or working but there's no place to sit... so you just end up walking out.

Communal Coffee is loaded with tons of seating & chairs! The maximum sitting occupancy is probably 50 people, with plenty of individual tables, tables for parties of four, & also a long farmhouse style table that will fit about 10 people. If you're looking for a place to work or do homework, you're almost always going to be guaranteed seating here!



Imagine you're working on a project & you're halfway done, so you obviously don't want to leave to stop your workflow but you're starving.. if you leave you're going to have to start all over.  But having the option to grab food at a coffee shop is always a great thing because you're able to work & eat! Talk about convenient. 
Communal Coffee has an extensive yet simple breakfast & lunch menu to chose from, so there's something for everyone!



Vanilla Latte w/ Almond Milk.
Would definitely give it a solid 7.5/10, the espresso was great but the only thing I wasn't the biggest fan of was how sweet it was! That may just be a preference of mine but I prefer when the espresso takes more of the front seat instead of the vanilla, if that makes any sense. 


Iced Chai Tea Latte w/ AlmondMilk.
I would rate it a7/10just because it was a little too "chai-y", aka there was so much cinnamon I felt like it was kind of burning my throat. I prefer coconut milk sometimes as well, so it's nice when coffee shops have both options for your drink!



This is the cutest little floral + gift shop that is in the same location as Communal Coffee. Not only do you have the opportunity to eat, dine, & study but you can also shop + stop to get some florals! We're obsessed with the combination of the two ideas. They have the raddest brands + unique things that you won't find at your average mom & pop shop! If you're in the area, I would definitely suggest stopping by & getting some shopping done - especially if you're looking for gifts!

Native Poppy's Instagram



I know what you're thinking, "these girls are pathetic", but this is something we totally think about! Either way, Communal Coffee + Native Poppy have tonsof different photo op's plus adorable backgrounds to snap some pictures of. We love being able to look around while sipping our coffee or eating our breakfast & thinking "let's snap a picture of that!"

They win with a 10/10.


Hope all you babes loved this post + stay tuned for our monthly "coffee crawls" series! If you have any suggestions/recommendations for places that we should try, be sure to comment them below. Until next time!



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