honor coffee | coffee crawls

newport beach, ca

honor coffee

located in the heart of the Lido Marina Village.

one of the best coffee shops in the greater orange county area (in our opinion) not simply due to their amazing coffee but also because of the amazing environment created with the amazing location as well as spacious seating plus super friendly baristas that always make you feel welcomed. everything that Honor does is done to the highest quality, whether it’s their design + space, the pastries, or simply their desire to make sure every drink is perfect and held to the highest standard.

the shop has a super light and airy feel since the front wall is completely lined with windows which makes it both fun to people watch and also super bright and airy, making it a super refreshing place to work.
their baristas are some of the friendliest in the industry- always ensuring to make sure you are being helped and willing to answer any questions that you might have. most importantly, they’re always willing to strike up conversation and make you feel welcomed.

now let’s talk about what really matters in a coffee crawl: coffee.

like we said earlier, Honor puts the highest standard on all
coffee that is produced in their shop, making it so you always get the
perfect cup of coffee, or latte, or cappuccino.

justi’s drink: housemade chai tea latte

by far one of our favorite things is how Honor makes their chai. it’s not your basic chai that is a powder + sweetener + milk but it’s made fresh every single day in a huge pot with quality chai.

their chai tea latte reminds us of fall in a cup- it’s so warm and cozy but most important it’s delicious. the only downside is that it’s made with whole milk and if you know us- dairy hurts us. but this chai is so good that we will occasionally splurge and enjoy it, even with the whole milk.

joy’s drink: almond milk vanilla latte

we’re 100% a fan of their flavor balance at Honor. there are so many coffee shops that essential ruin a latte due to the balance of flavoring and milk. their vanilla latte is a perfect combination- you have your vanilla flavor but it’s not overbearing at all.
another thing we really love about them is that they use the “mylk” almond milk brand- which is the same kind of almond milk that Blue Bottle Coffee uses. mylk’s almond milk is simply made out of: water, almonds, and sugar- so if you’re trying to steer clear of added sugars, this isn’t the almond milk for you.

grabbing a bite to eat?

all of Honor’s pastries are from a bakery that bakes them fresh. they have multiple healthier and not so healthy options, which guarantees something for everyone! perfect for a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack with your coffee or tea.

the space:

honestly one of our favorite parts of this coffee shop- there is so much space! you can have a quick work meeting or meet up with six of your closest friends (which we’ve done) and still have plenty of space. not only is the space itself full of amazing + high quality details but ultimately there are tons of seating options meaning that there is always a spot to sit.

justeleen rodriguez